Sing From Your Sofa

Virtual Choirs are a global phenomenon. By creating a user-generated, digital choir, we bring together singers from across the world, sharing their love of music from the comfort of their sofas!

With Sing From Your Sofa we give you all the resources you need to learn great tunes. Then you can record and upload your video from any location all over the world. Each one of the videos are synchronised and combined into one performance to create virtual choir performances, each of which continue to grow as more recordings are added. To access all this you need to subscribe, but you’re free to cancel at any time. 

Each month you’ll get a brand new Sofa Song, packed with stuff to get you singing:

  • ü  Demo track & backing track
  • ü  Vocal tracks for voice parts
  • ü  Sheet music
  • ü  Song lyrics
  • ü  Rehearsal notes
  • ü  Weekly hints and tips to help you get the most out of the experience

Upload yourself singing the song and become part of a large, online choral community.

Extra Goodkies

With lots of us under lock down, and lots of virtual choirs popping up, why should you choose Sing From Your Sofa? What’s different about our virtual choir?

  • Local, national and global choirs
  • Virtual singing with The People’s Orchestra
  • World Premieres of new music
  • Commissions from award-winning composers


So why sing?

Singing releases hormones associated with a feeling good feeling making you feel happier

Singing helps boosts your immunity, improves blood circulation and oxygen flow and helps fight diseases

Singing lowers blood pressure, anxiety and stress.

Connections made within a choir reduces depression and loneliness whilst promoting friendship and social bonding

Singing keeps your brain active, improves cognitive behaviour leading to higher IQ levels

Reports show that singing leads to better mental health and a longer life expectancy

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