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Would you would be interested in participating in our charity project to set up choirs  to increase the wellbeing and mental health of your employees or beneficiaries?


The People’s Show Choir (run by The People’s Orchestra Charity) primarily focuses on serving the local community in a fun and inspiring way. It is our passion to create an open, communicative and supportive musical ‘safe-space’, where people from a variety of backgrounds and ages can come together to create diverse and inclusive artistry. We would like to offer you the opportunity to implement a choir within your workplace over a ten-week period, comprising of weekly one-hour sessions. This will operate on a free, no obligation scheme, though if you would like to donate to our charity, this would be most gratefully received.    


Workplace choirs have become an integral part of the wellbeing and engagement programmes at many organisations, having helped employees’ bond, encouraged teamwork, improved morale and boosted overall creativity and productivity. Choirs can help embed graduates and trainees into a pre-manifested working environment, whilst inspiring social bonding and happiness. Other benefits include the lowering of anxiety and stress, improving cognition and breathing, boosting immunity and lowering blood pressure, as well as releasing feel good hormones that improves employee’s overall health and wellbeing.


We pick songs that reflect your business, team bonding goals and give specific purpose to each choir that we create. We fully encourage people who do not think they can sing to come and join us. Everyone can sing, it is just a matter of learning how! There is plenty of instruction throughout the course and by the end of the ten weeks, our singers showcase their newfound abilities effectively.  


Should you feel that this opportunity would be beneficial to both your employees and your company or, if you have any further queries, we would be most happy to discuss this further with you. 

Please email hello@thepeoplesshowchoir.com or call 07786 629531.

Thank you,

The People’s Show Choir Team


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