King's Lynn

Coming Soon

We are looking to start a People's Show Choir in the local area very soon
If you would like to join us please use book a free taster session and we will be in touch very soon
Spread the word, the more the merrier

We would love you to come to a free, no obligation taster session at a rehearsal of your choice.

Register to join the show choir by clicking the button below. We look forward to meeting you!

Create Friendships!

Singing, & especially choral singing, creates opportunities for co-operation & social bonding

Improve Your Breathing!

The act of singing requires breathing improving blood circulation & oxygen flow

Lower Your Anxiety, Stress & Blood Pressure!

Singing decreases levels of anxiety, due to its calming effect & the release of oxytocin

Boost Your Immunity!

Singing boosts immunity by promoting a healthy lymphatic system

Singing Leads to A Longer Life!

Singing promotes better physical health & mental state, leading to higher life expectancy

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