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The greatest show choir

The People’s Show Choir is a diverse and inclusive showcase choir bringing together song, live music and visual art. We are looking for people from all ages and backgrounds with a passion for singing to come and join us as we produce our very own ‘Greatest Show’.

We believe that if people challenge themselves, reach for their goals and believe in what they are doing, they can change their lives and the lives of those around them for the better.

By providing encouraging settings, we build self-confidence and skills, whilst supporting well-being. We accomplish all this through hosting amazing live music performances!

Every year, thanks to our audiences, we are able to offer life changing experiences to over 6,500 people through our thriving learning, participation and performance program.


From opportunities to work alongside award winning professional musicians and leaders, world premiere performances, to producing and managing a range of concerts over a wide range of genres – our community is at the heart of everything we do..

Despite the prestigious events we’ve been a part of our biggest success has to be the amazing journeys our singers and players have made to overcome personal issues including anxiety, depression and stage fright to be able to perform to their personal best live on stage.


We’re delighted to be extending our learning, participation and performance outreach across the Midlands to encompass anyone who wants to sing and perform, no matter what their abilities,  anxieties or worries.


So if, like us, you believe music should be accessible to all, talent should be sought, inspired and nurtured, and that we should continue to open doors to the incredible creative power of arts and music to all please come and join us

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